Committing Rape, Sharing Nudes; Same Difference

I really believe that it’s applaudable that due to current trends and reorientation popular nowadays, the idea that short skirts do not mean consent is beginning to gain ground. I mean, even if it isn’t generally accepted, people are beginning to consider what it means and think about it and that’s good.

“… people are beginning to consider what it means and think about it and that’s good.”

I like to equate issues or what I would like to call ism-ssues such as: racism, sexism, tribalism, nepotism. I don’t have opposing interests in things because I believe that is contrary to fairness and common sense. I believe what side you’re…

The Egalitarianism of Feminism

A lot of people have issues with feminism based on the etymology of the word itself.

“If feminism is truly equal, why is it called feminism and not say, humanism?” they say.

The truth is that feminism as a social movement is geared towards the uplifting of women in the society from the patriarchal roles they have been consigned to.

It seems redundant and needlessly self-effacing not to state this.
Feminism is a movement that argues against the socio-legal restrictions placed on women and therefore it stands to mean that it is by women for women.

I guess the obvious question should be who and what places these restrictions on women or…

Once I heard someone say women were made for men. On the surface of it, it’s annoying. What a thing to say! That women have no agency, no sole purpose till they find a man they can support or hide under or whatever purpose makes you feel good.

It’s really amazing. I’m not going to talk about how that possibly can’t be from Genesis but just think about it. How was Adam supposed to populate the earth? Was it asexually? Like an amoeba? Science tells us that more complex organisms reproduce sexually so just add it up. Adam couldn’t have…

He drops you off at your hostel. Frank, the guy who has been trying to invite you to church is there waiting and you cringe. "Oh no", you sigh.
As you alight he's already there, wide smile on his face ready to invite you for yet another program but you're afraid. "Who the hell do you think you are?" you snap. You watch the smile melt off his face as he looks at you in confusion. He opens his mouth to explain. "Get out", you shout. "I told I wasn't interested. You're not man enough for me". Frank is now very…

Hello everyone. This is my first post on Medium. I joined Medium to really be able to communicate with people in a valuable way. Here’s a short weird introduction of myself.

I think people value shyness more in children than adults. When I was younger, I was one of those children that ran to the bedroom when visitors came by, then peeped through curtains at them. It was cute to them. "Aww", they would go.

Then I grew out of it in a way. I liked to show off one thing - my mind. I think it’s very crazy and…

Favour Borokini

😜 Writer. Critic. Gourmet. Feminist.

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