“If Westbrook can defer to him a little bit”

DT, Westbrook CAN and most likely will defer to PG a little because: 
1) ideally, he’s already learned from his problems with KD
2) he’s seen how far he can get by dominating the ball for 48 minutes.

Billy Donovan will likely stagger the minutes so that PG stays on the floor when Westbrook rests. That way the team won’t completely fall apart the way it did last year with Russel out and PG can get some more touches.

George is an exponentially better fit with Westbrook than KD because he’s clearly the #2 option (not a #1 who’s forced by Westbrook to be #2) on the team. The problem with Durant was that he had the talent of the alpha but not the assertiveness or vocal leadership. Even in GSW, Draymond Green is the demanding vocal leader! George is now playing with the reigning MVP of the league, who averaged a triple-double. He knows that he has to take a slight step back!

Point #2: Technically that was before-his-prime Rondo. I think Rondo was in his “prime” from 2011–2013, before his ACL tear. The difference between Rondo and Lonzo Ball is that Rondo was never described by his front office or the media as being a “draw” for free agents. Lonzo Ball, as an unproven rookie is not going to be the reason why a player chooses LA! That was my point. If he ends up being a liability as shooter/free throw shooter, why would older soon-to-be free agent (Wade, Lebron, Melo) be “drawn” to his #10–12 seeded team.

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