Edhi’s life story was very Impressive . His journey for the destiny was not easy .He followed his ambition by doing extra effort.

Edhi’s life was based on some principles which he followed very strictly like simplicity , help needy persons, focus only on goals without care of others .I think Edhi sb has the sabr-e-jameel factor . He continuously followed his dream and applied different approaches to make them reality .Even his friends tried him to discourage a lot of times by saying “you can’t change you change your plans , are you not tired of them ,have you not learnt something new” but edhi sb had positive attitude didn’t pay attention on them.

I try to use this sabr-e-jameel principle in my life but i have no such as example till yet which makes other impressive but i can say that if i am at this stage it is only due to sabr-e-jameel .

There are a lot of lessons from this story .People can learn a lot of attributes to achieve their goals and dreams .I think sabr-e-jameel and consistency are very important for the completion of goal.

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