Andela Bootcamp — Home Day 1

I’ve always loved solving problems, be it my own or someone else’s. Its more fun when you solve problems using code. It’s rewarding in a very unique way.

That’s why today, when i woke up at 6 a.m, i was expecting an intensive but exciting day and i was looking forward to helping my fellow comrades. The first thing i did(after Breakfast of course) was to fire up my laptop and check group messages on Open-Andela Slack channel. I saw a couple of complaints, where my fellow boot campers had trouble solving an OOP problem which involved using a test guide to help develop a Car class that can be used to instantiate various vehicles. Well to be honest, based from the requests made on the channel, the lab question really was a hard nut to crack.

Since people had started to work on the labs earlier i decided to create a code template that my fellows could extend on it. The code wasn’t supposed to pass all the tests. It just ensured all tests failed — successfully, as one of our boot camp facilitator assistant Miss Pascila Njira simply put it — and it solved a lot of errors that my fellow boot campers encountered in the labs.

After all the first step to write implementing code to a given test is to first make sure all tests fail successfully, then write code that passes the tests.

Apparently some fellows found the template useful. It was something they could start writing code with or extend the template. To others, the template helped them identify some mistakes on their code.

I got positive feedback from my fellows and it really felt great that i had a role to play in my group.

I was busy feeling myself, when someone special reminded me to take a look at the KBB(Andela codename for their Bootcamp Curriculum), then it hit me i still have a long way to go to make it out of the bootcamp a winner.

So while this day is really a busy one, i’m expecting tougher days and challenges ahead. The good thing is, i’m looking forward to them.

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