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Spotify is definitely one of the apps I use the most. I like it because of its ease of use and frictionless user experience: I can easily find the songs that I want and I can easily switch between listening on my laptop, my phone, and my tablet.

One thing I like to do on Spotify is creating playlists and sharing them with my friends. I found the current process very time-consuming and redundant, which is why I decided to find a better way of creating a playlist.

Analyzing the Playlist Creation process

I decided to analyze the Playlist Creation process on Spotify using a Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) to find areas of opportunity for improvement. …

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Louis Johnson & Leo Fender

If I asked you to remember the first time you heard about UX, you would probably tell me it was in the last decade, maybe earlier. But the truth is, UX has existed ever since humans started making things. It was just never called “UX” because humans didn’t realize its importance until Donald Norman used the term for the first time in The Design of Everyday Things.

When you think of UX, most of us think about a user’s interaction with a digital product like an app or a phone, but user experience is everywhere around us.

I recently started reading The Human Factor by Kim Vicente where he discusses the importance of designing technology for humans. In the early chapters of the book, Vicente talks about the “divide and conquer” approach that we adopted to solve problems. This has led to the division of human knowledge into categories that are studied separately: engineering, biology, psychology, literature, etc. In The Two Cultures (1959), C.P. Snow highlights that “the intellectual life of the whole of western society is increasingly being split into two polar groups”, or two cultures: science and art. We tend to classify people as either “technical” or “creative”: the former focuses on the technical side of things such as the hardware or software while the latter focuses on people’s behaviour and emotions. …


Fawzi Ammache

Product Designer | Previously @ Google, RBC, Rogers

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