Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

Maybe I’m not radical or leftist enough, but I’m not sure what „save spaces“ and „triggers“ are. I tend to agree with your points. As with any group (think e.g. some vegans, PETA…), quite some lefties are judgemental, naive, arrogant, academical and cautionary…. and get offended and disenchanted easily.

It’s like some last century christian social services: we’ll help you – as long as you adhere to our worldview in return.

Truth is, while we must lead by example, it is against our core values to judge and treat people badly that don’t share our values. If we really care about people, we also care about that homophobic, racist, wife-beating „I love Trump“ guy.

Because those are also „the people“, and we can’t win them (or their kids, at least) over if we’re just another group of folks to tell them they’re assholes.

And when it comes to PC: for fucks sake, swearing, making „incorrect“ and offensive jokes etc is a way to reduce stress and inner tensions. It does not mean it’s what I really believe. I don’t see why being an educated lefty means you have to be dead serious and stiff as a poker.

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