Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

Hi Dominique, although you make good points, I think you may be missing the bigger picture. Parents (and parent figures) sometimes take shortcuts, for example, swatting a child on the butt as opposed to having a 30 minute discussion about the merits of playing in the backyard instead of the street. My point being that your uncle may have had many reasons for treating you the way he did , but the quickest way to get his point across was to use scare tactics. The reason your article drew my attention (other than having something in common with Miss Badu, we’re from Dallas), was because I am also the father figure for my nieces and several other females. Although I’ve never used “scare tactics" with my nieces, I have have made it clear that I expect them to act (and dress) like a lady in my presence, just as I will behave (and dress) like a gentleman in their presence. My motives were not to make them fearful of males, but simply to protect their reputations (and mine). You stated that what your uncle did was harmful; I have a few questions for you. What if your uncle had allowed you to dress scantily? Don’t you think it is possible that your classmates could have used your attire as an excuse to ridicule you? So which is worse, being forced to cover up or being called names by your peers? You mentioned that you were married, do you think your husband would have married you if you had grown up accustomed to wearing revealing clothing? I’m sure it was not your intent, but it appears you were saying that the only way you felt good about yourself is when you wore revealing clothes. If you didn’t know it then, I’m sure you know now that beauty comes from within; it has nothing to do with clothing. When you say that you can wear anything you want, are you saying that a 9 year old girl should be allowed to wear booty shorts and makeup? You didn’t say if you had daughters, if you do, will you allow them to wear anything they want? As I said earlier, Dominique, you have to look at the big picture; NOBODY can wear anything they want. I hope you can see that it was not your uncle’s intent to hurt you, so the next time you see him please give him a hug.

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