broken home.

Broken Home by 5 Seconds of Summer lyric

It was Father’s day. Dad was drinking alcohol with my uncles and his friends. I was just a mere 7-year-old girl. It was the first quarrel that I witnessed. They were shouting and cursing at each other. I was crying. My uncle tried to restrain them by calming my Dad. Mom went upstairs and I followed her. She was packing her things and also mine. She putted all of it in one big black bag. She asked me to go and get my toys and gadgets. So I grabbed my pink polka-dot sling bag from my cabinet and putted my favorite blanket, PSP and Gameboy Advance. We went back downstairs, mom was crying. We went straightly to the door, Dad was shouting again. Then my uncle shouted at my Dad to let us go. We went to my Grandmother’s house where two of my closest cousins — Sheena and Dennis — my uncles and aunts lived. I still don’t know what’s the reason why they fought. It was just the first.

Years passed, they still had fights. There were nights that I would wake up because they were fighting and when my mother was so tired of it, she would always go to my grandmother’s house. There was this time that my Father and my eldest cousin — the one who introduced me to music and also gave me my first guitar — got into a fight. My mom and I woke up. Mom tried to stop my dad. She got a bruise on her right arm. My mom cried again. My mom always says to dad that when he is drunk, he always be mad. All of those fights, dad was drunk. I would cry but it kept happening and happening. So I stopped crying, I would just listen to them. I grew up fearing my dad.

Last summer, it was the first quarrel that my 7-year-old younger sister witnessed. The same age I first witnessed them fight. My younger sister was crying just like me. I was just sitting and watching her cry. My dad stopped mom to bring us with her to my grandmother’s house. So I and my sister were in my room. We wanted to be with mom because we were both afraid of him. The next day mom picked up us both with my cousin Sheena. I’m glad that she was always on my side and how she makes me laugh because I may not be crying but I’m hurting on the inside.

October 7, 2016. Dad was drunk and they got into a fight again. I was in my room. This was the night where I just don’t care anymore. I’m glad that my sister was asleep. I just really hope that it will be alright.