One Love by Bob Marley

One of the highlight this week is our performance task in Physical Education. It’s about Festive Dance.We were separated into two groups, us the girls then the boys. So it’s Boys VS Girls

Planning our performance was really hard.

The first day of our practice was on Tuesday. We only had 2 days to prepare. We practiced from 3:00 PM-6:30 PM. It was very tiring. We only finished 1:25 minutes out of 4:27 minutes of the song. Thank God that Sir Daniel taught us some steps and he moved the performance date from Thursday to Friday.

The next day, we practiced in the Villilia Park with the boys. We didn’t managed to add some steps but we modified some of our steps and polished the steps.

Last day of our practice, we practiced in our classroom with Sir Daniel. He helped us again and added some steps. We were finally close in finishing the song! We were so proud of ourselves. After the class, we went to the park again to practice then went to our house because we don’t have a speaker. After the practice, we went back to school to do our props. Sir Daniel helped us again. Thank you sir! I went home to do my homework then went to sleep.

Friday, We practice during our recess time and Economics time. We also prepared our hair and the other props we will be using. I brought Blake (My Ukulele :D) with me to school. So Me and Angel did some jamming, we sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and we sounded so good.After the class, It’s finally our performance! We changed into our all black costumes, wore our masks and putted white paint in our hands. We went to the school grounds to practice. We didn’t finished the song. Then someone called us to go upstairs. So we went upstairs.We were so nervous. We performed and thought it was just a practice. We were so happy because we finished the song! (even though the last part was so messy)

We took some pictures with Ms. May, Sir Daniel and Ms. Wendy!

It may be Boys VS Girls but we didn’t had bad blood to each other because we are family. We showed goodness to each other. We congratulated each other because all of us did very good. We did a wonderful performance.

“Unity is strengthwhen there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” — Mattie J.T Stepanek