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Season 0, Episode 0

This deep, abiding love for the show “Frasier” has brought me joy, guidance, and the yearning to learn more, do better in the two-plus decades I’ve watched it. From that first clue that empathy and understanding would take me far (“I’m listening…”) to the mentions of people and things that will shape my taste (Renata Tebaldi, Gevrey-Chambertin, etc.), this show has been my stalwart companion and sensei. Mine is not a unique love; others have shown their love in more inside baseball, deeper ways. I just want to note here all those moments when my own context felt muddy before realizing that they were related to some episode of Frasier.

The show first appeared on network television during its designated weekly half-hour slot. Its success moved it to a syndicated run, both on network and cable television. The show’s current existence on Netflix allows unbridled, commercial-less access to all 11 seasons (well, wherever licensing and copyright allow).

There are fans who boast/lament that within just a month, they’ve watched the entire series more than once. I suppose nowadays, I take my sweet time, flit through the seasons to land on episodes I really want to watch again, so I’m no longer an absolute completist when it comes to rewatching the show. Without a doubt, though, it is what’s on in the mornings when I’m getting ready for the day, and it is what’s on at night when I’m putzing around preparing for bed.

So, join me, good people. Each entry will contain a synopsis of one episode, in chronological order. Caveat lector: there will be meandering ruminations. But! There will (might) also be recommendations, informative tidbits, and maybe even a chuckle or two. If you’re “a sucker for sophistication, taste, and dare I say it, old world charm”, grab a glass of sherry and settle down for a few minutes. I can’t promise any revelations, or even a “soupçon of awe”, but hopefully, this could provide some slight glimmer of joy in a world that feels increasingly dim.

*Inexpressible gratitude to the yeoman efforts of the team at The Frasier Archives. You make the internet a better place. And also, to all these wonderful writers who crafted such a rich universe.

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