Who Was The Angel?

By Faye Collum Fairley

Having three grandchildren in the home necessitated many trips to the grocery store. In an effort to keep up with the demands of two school age children, and one preschool child, it seemed that I was a constant figure at the local Wal-Mart store. This day was no different. Of course, for my own peace of mind, I tried to do all the shopping while two of the children were in school. Shopping with only one child was much easier and quicker that taking all three to the supermarket.

Up one aisle, then down another with a three year old in the buggy directing me like it was his sworn duty. I’m sure it sounded like a broken record, to hear him point to something and say, “We need this”. My immediate response was generally, “No we don’t”, as I tickled him on his tummy. To that he would giggle, and look for the next thing to start the game over.

On one aisle, as I turned the corner, I saw a lady in an electric wheel chair, sitting alone alongside the aisle with the snack crackers. As my buggy approached the opposite side of the aisle where she was sitting, she started making some sort of muffled audible sounds. They were not words, just sounds. In one hand was a box of snack crackers, which she flailed about in the air. It appeared to me that she couldn’t place it on the shelf, or place it in the basket on her wheel chair. With her arms waving around, and the sounds she was making, my first thought was that she was playing with my grandson in the buggy. I soon realized she was trying to communicate with me!

I pulled my shopping buggy over next to her, and asked her if I could help her. She apparently understood my question, because she immediately started waving the box of snack crackers around with no sense of control. The sounds were loud, but not recognizable. I took the box from her hand, and asked if she wanted this in her basket. Her arms really started waving then, and her body was going back and forth in the chair. She was evidently very frustrated, because she couldn’t relay her thoughts to me. I figured out that this suggested her answer was “No”.

She positioned her arm toward a second shelf, with another kind of snack crackers. I then asked her if the other box was her choice. Her arms stopped flailing around so much, and it seemed like there was almost a smile on her face. I placed the first box of snack crackers on the shelf below with its counterparts. Then I selected one of the new types of snack crackers, and gently placed it in her basket. She seemed to relax all over, and made some new audible sounds. I asked her could I help with anything else. With a relaxed look on her face she touched the box of snack crackers in the basket as if to say, “No, this is all I want.”

I was pleased that I was able to help the sweet lady with her problem; I walked away with a wonderful feeling of contentment.

Other people were going up and down the aisles, but none of them stopped to assist. Perhaps they knew I had it under control. Or was there more to this story?

I have pondered over this experience many times. Each reminiscent thought brings more questions than answers.

The lady in the motorized wheel chair, was obviously handicapped, and possessed no motor skills. How did she get there? If a caretaker brought her to the market, why were they not with her? Why was I the only one to stop and help the lady in the wheel chair?

I have witnessed people stopping on their way to help others in need. Each time I witness this action, I feel like God is using one person to be an angel for another person. I know that the person who helps another will be greatly rewarded. I really believe that God uses us to help others. Was I used that day to be her angel?

My thought is that she was the angel. No one stopped to help her except me. That could be because no one saw her except me! It is possible that she was there especially for me. Perhaps the time it took me to help that lady, prevented me from a tragic accident on the road. What if another person in the store saw the incident, and was impressed to see one lady help another. I can “what if”, all day, but the bottom line is simple, only God knows precisely what transpired that day, and the exact reason He planned it on that day, at that time, at that place.

2nd Timothy 2:21 tells us, “If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

This scripture tells me that if I want to be used as God’s vessel to others, then I must purge myself of all impurities so that I may do His good work.




I am a widow with a large family. I am a cancer survivor. I am a child of God. I am greatly blessed, and highly favored.

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Faye Collum Fairley

Faye Collum Fairley

I am a widow with a large family. I am a cancer survivor. I am a child of God. I am greatly blessed, and highly favored.

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