Angels Among Us Poetry

By Faye Collum Fairley

We are standing in the eleventh hour

As we await God’s awesome power,

Some will rejoice, others will moan

“Oh God please wait to take us home”

Many are lost, not ready to go

They’ll be taken to the fire below

We need to shout so they can hear

The day of the rapture is very near.

A brother, a sister, a friend or foe,

We all know one not ready to go

It is our duty to show them the way

So they will be ready on that day.

Salvation is offered to everyone,

It’s the reason God sent His only Son

Don’t let them be left behind,

When God calls time….It is… Time!



Faye Collum Fairley

Faye Collum Fairley

I am a widow with a large family. I am a cancer survivor. I am a child of God. I am greatly blessed, and highly favored.