You are beautiful

From the outline of your lips
To the warmth of your skin
and the soft vibration of your voice
I am completely transfixed

Then you speak of life
and of your passion
You are a star twinkling bright
a spark of bonfire
I burn for more

I can never stare into anyone’s eyes
but yours are the loving kind
that all the lies you’ve said
they all are truth to me

You are confused
Complex, complicated
And all the C’s you can think of
Like the Vitamin C I need to keep me going

I like that you think you’re indispensable
Invincible and all the IN you can think of;
Including Indenial

Still. the mixture of your positive fickle-minded mind
makes me love you even more

Honey, you are beautiful to me
Even when I never told you
That your breath stinks
And sometimes you look pretty odd
I guess I am starting to lose coherency
Cause with you I never could stay still
For the yes and no you’ve put me through
And still a fool I am to want even more of you

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