Who’d want a Pig’s Life

When the completely cool and brilliant Paper magazine broke the Internet with Kim Kardashian’s butt, they succeeded in doing exactly what they set out to do: Make a front cover that would provoke so much sharing, comment and mad bat-shit crazy Twittery-ness that no-one could resist it.

And they were right. That picture quite literally broke the Internet – for one news cycle anyway!

Now if David Cameron were even a 10th as shareable (option to substitute previous word for just plain famous) then #piggate would surely be giving Kim’s behind a run for her money.

Twitter is giving it a good old try though. I will get to the important lesson in a minute but I can’t help but completely love how creative, smart and just damn funny people on the Internet are. I mean, genuinely bloody funny.

For example in my Twitter feed this am: a partially anonymised pic of Miss Piggy with the caption:

‘A second victim comes forward #piggate’

And check these out: my favourite so far is definitely the first…

This I think was done seriously (which is a bit worrying for the Daily Mirror if I’m completely honest)…

But, let’s get back to the point.

The guy is the Prime Minister of the bloody country, so it’s going to get plenty of attention, sure. Definitely not the kind of attention he’s hoping for. And here’s the rub you see.

Number 10 have been swift to say we won’t give this infantile rubbish the time of day, while simultaneously muttering something about sour grapes from an old school Tory with a bee in his bonnet because he got left out of the team!

Fact or fiction, unfortunately, that little aside has turned this ridiculous non-story into a mudslinging match.

I’ll grant you it doesn’t usually involve pigs, but it’s not an entirely unusual state of affairs for a business, organisation or person. Somebody says something about you which could do you some serious damage if it’s handled badly and you go ahead and handle it badly.

I’m not saying it’s a science or that there’s always a right answer, but in my experience, the more you get drawn into the conversation when it is something as outlandish as this, the more you feed the fire.

Say nothing. Really. If it truly is nothing more than a grown man acting like a little schoolboy who’s been left out of the rugger team, then leave him to it. He’ll always come off worse.

Focus on the shit you need to get done. Twitter will get 24 hours of pure, unadulterated and quite creative joy out of it, and then they’ll move on – just like they did after Kim’s bum.

Just don’t mind me if I have a little giggle.

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