“The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” Or so says Hillary Clinton.

This election year of 2016 has been unlike any other. Chock full of information, misinformation, truths, half-truths, speculation, hear-say and mob-mentalities. Top that off with pitchforks, torches and more self-righteous moral posturing than a Puritan at a witch trial. It has delivered both entertainment, and also divisiveness between neighbors. But amidst the dog-and-pony show that is the 2016 election, let’s turn down all the extra noise for a second to look at an issue that I think, should determine your decision at the polls. More-so than what the media, a comment about grabbing a handful of soft vagina, or all the best marketing in the world, has to say about both candidates. Let’s begin!

Okay, so much like the United States, Russia is a world superpower, alongside China. The three nations have as much interest in each other economically, through trade, and not so much interest politically. The U.S. stands as the supposed shining example of basic civil liberties, a secular republic, and a meritocracy. Whether you think that America is a reflection of that now, or not, is not the point. As the Constitution on-paper, is the honest context of what this country is supposed to be intended to be, by our founding fathers. China on the other hand, is a nationalist/socialist republic, with a one-party system. Meaning you cannot have an open market place of ideas present, much less what we hail as our 1st amendment right of free-speech. Russia is different, in it having started in the 20th Century as a socialist republic, and is now today, somewhat a constitutional-republic. Having a president instead of a czar, and that has the potential, of becoming more and more like a meritocracy along the lines of the U.S. Of course, once rid of the economic corruption and class-ism in Russian society, business and politics.

Why was that important to bring up? It’s simple. We can’t have this discussion without a brush-up on the basic tenant of what society for the citizens in these three countries is like. For the sake of understanding why it’s best to “live and let be” in this case, and not jump to blame Russia for meddling in our electoral process (guilty before proven innocent). Much less, start a conflict with a nation that has the potential to stand up to us with a conventional military. An experience almost every western military hasn’t had since World War 2. With a majority of western troops having fought guerrilla wars for the past 20–30 years against Islamist groups, going toe-to-toe with a standing military is something our troops of today don’t have much experience in. As the conflicts in the middle-east has gifted western military leaders a whole different skill-set and experience. Anyways, I digress…

So we’ve heard these claims by Hillary regarding Russia and president Vladmir Putin. Let’s dissect these statements, for validity and objectivity.

  1. “What is at stake here, is the ambitions and the aggressiveness of Russia. Russia has decided that it’s all in, in Syria. And they’ve also decided who they want to see become president of the United States, too, and it’s not me.” ~ H.C.
  2. “Putin supports Trump because he wants a puppet as President Of The United States.” ~ H.C.
  3. “You are clearly quoting from WikiLeaks and what is important is the Russian government has engaged in espionage against America.” ~ H.C.

There is more, way more, but these three statements alone are the only ones in my opinion, worth looking at with cause for concern. Let’s start with numero uno.

So there is Syria, where shall we begin? Well, we went to Iraq directly after 9/11, versus beginning combat in Afghanistan. That is if you go off the intelligence reports available at the time in 2001. We had originally propped-up Saddam Hussein through the CIA at an attempt at creating a democracy in the middle-east, as that region tends to resort to religious tribalism without any sort of secular power in place. This created a hornets nest of religious fervor against Saddam, actually backfiring against the agenda of the west. Leading ultimately to our invasion under the guise of “weapons of mass destruction” and “terrorism”. Then, once Hussein was removed, in comes the inevitable power-vacuum that follows, with every Islamist and Mujaheddin from the Philippines to Egypt wanting a piece of the pie.

The effects of which, bled right into Syria and the Free Syrian Army. All the while, Russian military leaders, having been down this road of “wars that never end” once before in Afghanistan during the 80’s, sitting back with a cold Coke and popcorn just enjoying the show.

Russia, needless to say, is not a fan of Islamists, or radical Islamic terror. They are aware of that threat more so than most western nations today, and we have suffered more attacks, and a higher body-count than the Russians! Russian intelligence is also aware that we’ve funded half of these Islamist groups, and literally handed them their weapons. As we did in the 80’s in our second proxy-war with Russia through the Soviet-Afghan War. So the Russian response initially to fighting ISIS, and ISIS infiltration into the FSA was simple…

Bomb Isis outposts and staging areas.

Easy-peasy, until you consider the IMF, the world banking oligarchs, BRICS, the fact that no central bank exists in Syria as in Afghanistan before the war. Not to mention that it was an independent nation aside from all the corporate and political bureaucracy of the U.N., the U.S. and it’s surrounding Arabic neighbors, all who want a piece of this pie themselves.

So for Hillary Clinton to state that Russia is having an “aggressive” approach, an aggressive approach to what exactly? Your bullshit backroom deals and regime-propping , terror-funding gold mines? I’m fine with that. Fire away Russia. I don’t want us to get militarily involved. AT ALL.

Next we have hear-say/assumption that Putin wants a puppet (Trump) as the next POTUS. For one, citation needed. Two, I do believe Vladimir Putin and Trump have never even so much as passed gas on the same side of the atmosphere, much less met each other and are the best-est of bro’s in all the history of bro’dom. Three, if our next POTUS wants better diplomatic relations with Russia, another world SUPERPOWER, with nuclear capability and a proficient conventional military mind you, who in their right mind would object to that? You don’t need a political science degree to de-bunk number two on the list folks. It’s really not that hard.

Now it’s on to the last one on the list. Wikileaks and Russia.

Again, where is the proof? If “truth” is the ultimate longed-for Excalibur of each United States citizen, the moral-weapon and high-ground of each political party we identify with, then where-in-the-fuck is it? Where is the cold, hard, evidence blaming Russia for breaching information and intelligence that she herself was responsible for? 30 years of experience, and now suddenly she slips up by letting another world superpower grab a hold of a few thousand transcripts?

If you are waiting for the Department of Defense, or Hillary to release said “evidence”, then now is a good time to cue the sound of chirping crickets…

According to Hillary, a three-letter alphabet soup agency has information suggesting that Russian hackers sold the collected files containing the emails to Julian Assange and wikileaks. Somehow, even if that is the case, how is it a massive breach in diplomatic relations and world peace with “espionage” that threatens our national security, but yet, having a private email server to conduct official Secretary of State business beneath the floor of your home is not? Mehh, not so much apparently.

Also, is it the same alphabet-soup agency that constructed Operation Northwoods? That thanks to FOIA requests and researchers doing their due diligence, we now have DOCUMENTED and de-classified proof, that elements of U.S. government have seriously considered, and are possibly willing, to intentionally take American civilian, non-combatant lives, for a profitable war or geo-political agenda? The same agencies that “pleaded the 5th” during an open session of Congress regarding the investigation into both Benghazi and her emails?

Yeah your credibility isn’t looking so good Hillary, and neither are the “agencies” that you claim are doing all they can, to ensure our interests and civil liberties as a working-class society are protected. Anyone who takes this woman seriously, has a lot of soul-searching to do and reading to catch up on.

Even if we entertain the idea that Russia did hack into those emails, does that have to inherently mean an act of aggression? Or perhaps, in an attempt to have better diplomatic understanding with the American people, was it instead an act of service to us as citizens by exposing the corruption in our electoral process, the DNC and Hillary Clinton? I am giving Russia the benefit of the doubt by going for the latter myself. That is assuming they were even responsible in the first place, lest we forget that we don’t know yet.

I can’t in all fairness blame someone for not knowing something. But I can for them refusing to visit the topic from a non-biased, observational stand point, and shove their fingers in their ears like a toddler.

This is not a piece endorsing Trump, but it is here for you to deeply consider the most important part of our election besides Supreme Court appointments, modifications to the 2nd Amendment if any, and some wall in Mexico. And that is, our future relationship, partnership, or lack thereof with Russia. A country that between both of our cultures, shares a lot of misunderstanding, curiosity and intrigue.

But if the possibility of a military conflict with Russia given our current poor relations with them now, takes a backseat over your concerns about grabbing some beaver, and Trumps ability to equate taco bowls to Latin food on Twitter…

Then I don’t know what the fuck to tell you except to get your damn priorities in order, and lay-off the snap-chat.

This is Fayenwolf, signing out. Now get out of my lair.

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