Significance of TQM in my life

TQM is not only about limiting a person to the business life only, satisfying the customers, increasing the profitability of the company and using resources as efficiently as possible, but if you look towards the topic from the broad prospective, you will be able to apply it on your life also. The way you led your life is an perfect example of TQM. for example lean concept teaches a person to reduce the wastage of resources which are available to a him, for example, money is a limiting factor. The way you will utilize it will make you efficient in terms of spending on those activities which matter most to you.

In short, applying TQM to our lives can help us climb towards success, greater potential, communication skills, personal development and last but not least, knowledge.

These are the following concepts which i had learned from TQM and have find very useful in terms of application over my life.

PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act): before going through this concept, i cannot say that my life was aimless or i was not having targets, but the concept helped me to be more efficient in terms of achieving those targets by further breaking them in micro targets so that it is achieved in a more precise and efficient manner. for example, planning helped me to plan for studying short courses(Graphic Designing, Business and Financial Modeling at in the holidays coming up in June and July, and has set specific dates (DO), (Check) and will have thoroughly checked as how it will help me in my career. (ACT) will help me to further improve myself in that specific course which i have opted for.

COPQ: It is the cost which would disappear if system, processes and products were perfect. It has affected me in a positive way as i was able to be efficient in my daily life. before application of the concept, i was not able to identify the cost in my life which was arising and was leading a rather dull life. after the application of this concept, i was able to identify the internal failures such stop the wastage of money, buying those things which matter me the most, polishing my skills.prevention cost would be those cost which i would need to stop those cost which are making me in efficient, sickness which will be due to eating unhealthy and living a unbalanced life. This would be in terms of investing in myself which will be in terms of my education and learning new skills which will help me to progress forward, moreover investing in my physical activity, by eating healthy foods, keeping fitness top priority and living a balanced life.

Fish-bone diagram: The fishbone diagram has helped me evaluate the problems which are faced by me. first problem which needs to be highlighted is the arriving late in class, second would be not able to achieve my targets, third would be time constraint. first problem causes are lack of sleep, not setting alarm, traffic problems. second problem causes are not having real targets, they are not based on smart objectives, and they are not evaluated daily or monthly. third problem causes are the waiting for the last moment to get the work done.

Poka Yoke: Poka means mistake and Yoke means avoid. before applying this concept i was sometimes repeating same mistake over and over again and was not able to evaluate the reason of the failure which i was experiencing. for example i usually underestimate myself that i can not achieve certain things which is the mistake i always commit. such as i was underestimated myself while doing CA, due to which i was experiencing failure previously, but now i clearly understand the root cause of the problem. another mistake which i was committing was talk behind peoples back, and sometimes having jealousy towards others, which i have now able to have to have control over it.

Lean approach: Lean approach have helped me to concentrate on those activities which are most important to me such as polishing my skills and investing in myself in terms of physically, spiritually. for example devoting my time to religious activities, investing in fitness. moreover, reducing any unnecessary spending, being efficient in every way.