Video conferencing for your team in under 1 minute

Nope this story is not a clickbait don’t worry, I’ll prove your intuition wrong in a jiffy, So I came across a website yesterday called MeetSpace, which provided simple video conferencing for all sorts of users, it seemed like a really interesting project until I saw their pricing page.

What the fucking fuck? $29 dollars a month for 6 users, that’s their cheapest plan, this is not right, I mean come on!

Then I realized people are willing to pay for such a service because no one wants to go through the trouble of setting up a Video conference applications like Jitsi because it takes time to set up as well as maintain and it requires somewhat good amount of resources to make it run smoothly.

So with the power of Node.js I hacked together a dead simple video conferencing tool and open sourced it for further development with the help of others.

I’m also developing an admin page similar to one seen on MeetSpace,

It’s a work in progress but it still works!

So that’s about it, oh and to set it up, you can deploy it to heroku in under 30 seconds *THANK YOU HEROKU ❤* or you could use your own server with around 512 MB/ 1GB of ram to get everything to work smoothly, you’re one git clone and npm install away from your very own Video conferencing application.

You can see the how to install as well the source code on the github repository.

I have an example up and running on Heroku

Thanks for taking the time to read this ❤