Faze Crews

3 Reasons We’re Doing This

We want to create memorable moments

  • Each Crew is an opportunity to do something fun and creative that is unique. We eventually want to set time aside outside of Crew to hang and spend time with each other, celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary’s or anything where we can show you value.

We want to encourage spiritual growth

  • Healthy things tend to grow and the way that we remain healthy is by ensuring that we are spiritually fed. We want to model this and bring others along the journey of spiritual growth.

We want to connect you to church life

  • From Crews to Growth Track and everything in between, it is our vision to see each individual in a Faze Crew to be connected to the life of church.

What to expect

Crews will usually run for about 90 minutes

  • First 30–45 minutes — consists of talking, and getting to know each other, basically — fellowship.
  • Next 15–20 minutes — Introduction(s)/discussion from Crew Leader(s) — what Faze Crews are and how they fit into the bigger picture of Faze Church, followed by discussion of the week.
  • Last 5–10 minutes — Praise reports & prayer requests — There is nothing more important that we can do for our Crews than pray for the people in them on a regular basis. We believe that as we pray, our Crews will remain healthy and healthy things grow.
  • After that — you can either stay and continue getting to know one another (which most of you will do) or go home and watch some Netflix!

Who can come?


We aren’t kidding. You don’t have to be a part Faze Church or be a leader or be in any kind of position. We aren’t going to be meeting in a church, it’ll be public — so don’t be afraid to come or invite that one friend who is sketched out by church temples.

We hope to see you there!

We are still working on a location, but the first Crew night will be Thursday, August 18th. We will be publishing articles on Medium regularly, follow us on Twitter for any updates on where Faze Church is heading, our purpose, and your place in all of this! → https://twitter.com/fazechurch

Story by:

Manuel Alonzo

Creative at Faze Church. Writing about events, design, music, and anything to do with Jesus. Follow us and stay updated with more stories!