Most Valuable Session

I assigned a project to bring out the most valuable session out of all session from Amal fellowship. I have thought and come out with JUST START project session. It was very nice session, it helps me understand that we don’t need to wait for perfect moment to come and then we do something.

We just need to start and give our full potential to it. I have learned that our most of hero just started their life journey towards success and come out to be our hero. Like Edhi Sahib, Benje Willam and many more. It gives us hope to start our dream project and see result.

I think this is very important lesson, because in our life we waited for the best moment and that never come if we don’t try. So this session was very very valuable for me

I have applied it in my daily life like working in project to help the needy and got success as it give me idea that everything is possible when you work with true heart and full potential, we can achieve our destination.

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