LRU or Least Recently Used is one of the Page replacement algorithms for making decisions on what page to keep in memory and which ones to remove from the memory when memory is full.

How would we build it?

Let’s say our memory capacity is two so we can store…

The Tower of Hanoi is a mathematical game or puzzle where we have three pile and n disc.

Tower of Hanoi

The game can play according to the rules:

  • You can move one disc at a time.
  • The small disc must be on a Large disc.
  • All disc move to destination pile from…

A linked list is a linear data structure where each element is a separate object.

Each (called it Node) element is comprising of two items data and a next reference node. The last node next has a reference to the Null. The entry point called Head which showing in the…

Everyday we need to run some task automatic in the web server for various purpose, Suppose we have a SASS product and a lot of user using it by monthly subscription So, we need to check which user monthly subscription payment paid or not paid. In that scenario we can…

Fazlul Kabir Shohag

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