Fazt Tech Explains the Importance of Maintaining a Positive Brand Image in The Digital Age

Fazt Tech
Fazt Tech
Sep 13, 2019 · 4 min read

In the days before digital marketing, people would seek out the products and services they needed by visiting nearby businesses or finding a few listings in the phone book.

But with the ability to shop online, as more than 2 billion people around the globe are expected to do by 2021, proximity to the customer is no longer enough to win them over. Businesses are now competing with countless others in the same niche inside and outside of their area, making brand image more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Brand image is how people perceive your products and services. Fazt Tech, a growing manufacturing corporation based in Georgia, knows successful ventures have learned how to influence this perception through brand identity — in other words, how they want people to see their products and services. That requires attaching benefits to your brand that come to people’s minds right away when they hear your company name.

For example, when people hear your business name, you might want them to automatically think “innovative and cool” or “quick and affordable.” When they hear Fazt Tech, they might think “high quality service.”

Attracting The Autonomous Customer

The majority of potential customers these days turn to search engines, not phonebooks, when they’re looking for something they need. You can’t be there looking over their shoulder when they’re entering search terms, so having high visibility and an established brand is going to help a business be found more easily amongst the search results.

People tend to move from one page to the next very quickly when they’re searching online, meaning if you don’t have a positive brand image or something of clear value to offer, then they’re not going to have a reason to stick around to learn more. Having a consistent brand across all channels — social media, videos, even print — will help reinforce this recognition and build trust.

Establishing Authority

Building a strong online brand means more than putting your products and services in front of more people. It means you can potentially become a leader in your industry that shares ideas, and perhaps more importantly, interacts with the current and future customer base.

This is especially important in the digital world as a way to build confidence in the buyer as well as having people share your content, which could lead to more sales. It’s less about “here’s what we have for you” and more about “here’s why we think this thing is important, and you should too.”

Fazt Tech states it’s not just about putting those messages out there once and hoping for the best. Companies will get left behind in the digital world if they don’t constantly re-affirm their brand and what they hope to achieve.

Riding The Algorithms

What happens when people don’t search for your brand specifically, but instead just for the product or service that they want? For example, some smart speakers let people order a product without even laying a finger on a keyboard.

With the (currently) mysterious algorithms used in this scenario, the customer is likely to only hear a couple of “choice” selections from brand names. So if they order paper towel, for example, the device will choose the most popular based on its criteria.

That means companies like Fazt Tech may have to harness the power of their branding to influence people to order a product or service with a specific name. The challenge for digital voice command shopping may rely more on short and snappy brand names than the flashy branding that received brand attention in the past. That means building brand image may be even more important than ever for this form of online shopping.

Fazt Tech’s Final Thoughts: Branding is More Important Than Ever

In short, companies need to know how important it is to create a recognizable brand that’s associated with trust and quality in order to succeed. With so many choices available to the consumer, having a positive brand image will help you rise above others who have invested less (both time and resources) in their brand identity — even if they’ve invested more in their products or services.

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