Fazt Tech Shares 5 Proven Public Relations Strategies to Boost Company Visibility

Fazt Tech
Fazt Tech
Sep 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Building brand awareness and boosting company visibility is key to the success of your company. Fazt Tech, a manufacturing and licensing company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, shares five of the most effective public relations strategies available to can help you earn your customers’ trust, establish valuable relationships and build necessary brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

In today’s modern world, reaching out and working alongside influencers is a great way to gain publicity for your company. This tactic boosts third party credibility through word of mouth, press coverage and other “celebrity” endorsements. This is also an increasingly common way to reach today’s audiences, particularly through the use of social media. Statistics have revealed that 49 percent of consumers depend on influencers for purchase decisions. In addition to this, 40 percent of those who rely on influencers have admitted to buying a product after seeing it on social media.

According to an influencer campaign study conducted by Tomoson, businesses that are effectively leveraging influencer campaigns are earning approximately $6.50 per every dollar spent. Fazt Tech states that highly regarded influencers have an extensive knowledge of social media marketing and understand how to engage their loyal following. When utilized properly, an influencer campaign stands to introduce your company to an unlimited volume of consumers who value and respect the influencer’s opinion.

Explain your ‘Why’

Consumers are consistently more engaged and loyal to a company who explains the rationale behind the formation of the company or the products it sells. These days, audiences are more inclined to support companies whose primary purpose is not profit alone. Consumers want to be a part of something larger than lining the pockets of corporations. The recent trend of increased Corporate Social Responsibility, has opened the door for positive campaigns that are leading social change.

Fazt Tech states that you need to be careful with explaining your why, as consumers can see right through a poorly planned campaign. It is strongly recommended that this effective strategy is only implemented when a company has pure intentions. Making this information known to the public by sharing it online is another step in this strategy, which will leave the company with detailed analytics. It its necessary to take the time to focus on your ‘why’, your values, your passion and purpose, and communicate this messaging clearly to your costumers.

Share Unique Angles

This works well when you are working with local and national media, for example. The idea here is to offer some sort of exclusivity to each outlet that demonstrates that your company is unique and multi-faceted. Choose the appropriate ‘angle’ to highlight depending on your chosen outlets, indicates Fazt Tech, and you will be rewarded. This is a simple and effective way to add value that translates into brand loyalty. This also allows customers to really feel as if they know your company.

Choose the Proper Platform

Perhaps most importantly, an effective public relations strategy will take into consideration how to deliver your message to each member of the target audience in a way that is most digestible and effective for them.

Press releases are a great way to reach out to your target audience, for example. They are extremely cost-effective, which is great for developing startups, says Fazt Tech. They can be placed in news publications, blogs, websites, and magazines, for example. Other audiences may prefer television, radio, a press conference or online/social media marketing.

Build Lasting Relationships and Networks

A great public relations strategy will always consider the relationship-building aspect. Ideally, you will want to start building relationships with journalists and other members of the media as early as possible, to help you develop the necessary ‘sway’ you’ll need as time goes on. You should always try to identify the names of journalists who write on topics relevant to your industry, as opposed to sending articles to a generic email address. This strategy will pay dividends over time.

The Bottom Line

If you take the time to build a solid public relations strategy in the beginning and understand that public relations are a constantly changing and ongoing process, you will soon see more mentions, ‘buzz’ and — most importantly — sales of your products.

Fazt Tech

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Fazt Tech

Fazt Tech is a high performing manufacturing company and industry leader in the distribution of top-quality products based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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