The much-awaited list of design gadgets that I have been using for a while!

To all the design buffs out there who have been curious about the gears and gadgets that are used in the making of all the personal and professional work, I do as a designer. The wait is over! and here’s the list of the latest gadgets that aid me throughout my work and some of my personal favourites too, that have made it to this list. Check them out below 🔽-

For UI/UX designers, beginners and Newbies

Over the past years, I am getting the same question on my Instagram from beginners and Newbies that How can I become UX/UI designer. If you have the same question then this article is gonna help you and clear your thoughts about design and help you to choose the right career and the right tools, step by step!

Let’s begin 🏂!

First Understand the Difference between UX/UI Design

This is a very important step for understanding before beginning anything in design because UX/UI is very wide and endless field for the designer.


  • UX is not part Of UI, UI is part of UX
  • UX is a big…

Faizur Rehman Design Tools & Desk

Over the past serval years, I used so many tools for designing and mostly I learned from itself by watching youtube and experimenting every day!

I categorized my tools in the different category because I am a freelancer, I am doing so many things like designing, coding, content creating youtube, Instagram and working with clients!

In this article, I am sharing with you my favorite tools and Why you should use. Also, this article will help you to make the combination of your perfect tools 2019

Here we go… 🏄🏻‍♂️

Design Tools

In designing…

In this article, I am gonna give a basic understanding and examples creating style guideline on Sketch App.

If you already know about creating style guidelines that’s really good but if you don’t know then after reading this article you will be properly able to create your first style guidelines for your project. 😊

What is Style Guidelines?

Style guides are most important and relevant part for UI designing that give the better experience and save lots of time while you are designing UI and also help to keep consistency in the whole project like UI elements, colors, typography, icons and etc…

So now…

A sketch is a really powerful tool more than we think, and reality is sketch saved a lot of time while we are going on and the fun part is there are so many plugins available which save our time a lot.

But the question is? If you want to start the new project on the sketch so what is the best way to start the new project? this question I always asked my self when I started work on the sketch in the end of 2015. …

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