Is she a girl physically or not?
Louis Weeks

“Consider the fact she is gladly participating in girls wrestling, why?”

“She” isn’t “gladly” participating in girls wrestling. He is participating in girls wrestling under duress, against his wishes, because he loves wrestling and wants to continue. I guess your assessment is that he should just quit because “that’s what a man does.”

I’m not sure you can call someone who has been taking testosterone (even at low levels, and only because he’s trying to stay within the regulations within his sport) and living as a male as “dabbling” if he’s been doing it since 8th grade, as it says in the article. That’s four years of taking testosterone, and I assume, living “full time” as a male. That’s his entire high school career. You have a very strange understanding of “dabbling!”

What do you think of girls who play boys’s football because there are no options for them. Do you think they should be barred from playing as well? If so, why (especially considering the legality of Title IX)? The problem is similar: he has NO other options.

So I wonder how you define a man vs a woman. Is it based solely on genitalia? Or hormones or a combination of both? Should size of genitalia be brought into the conversation, or the level of hormones? What if a male has their penis and testes torn from their body, perhaps in some sort of auto accident? Are they still male? Or only if they decide to take testosterone? What if they don’t? What are they? What bathroom are they allowed to use, and what bathroom should they use? Please advise, this is important information!

Similarly, what about people who are born intersex? Where would they place in your categories? Is it based on whatever they present themselves as? Is it based on whatever sex their parents may have forced upon them due to surgery? Is that fair, seeing that they had no choice in the matter? There may not be a lot of intersex people, and even fewer “true hermaphrodites,” but it is a non-zero number which means we really would need a determination. Care to weigh in with your, I’m sure, voluminous facts and expertise on these matters?

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