Freaky Fresh

Imagine eating fast food and losing weight. Seems impossible, right? Wrong. A few years ago, a man named Jared ate only Subway and lost a significant amount of weight. The international sandwich franchise used Jared as a spokesman. He testified on how healthy this fast food restaurant was for him. Today, Subway differentiates itself from the competition by advertising how fresh their subs are which is beneficial for sales.

In this particular advertisement, like most, Subway is trying to sell their subs. The sub is pictured with different kinds of green vegetables with meat, cheese, and fluffy bread. By the lighting used, the ad makes the sub look very taste. The background is white making the sub and wording stand out. The Subway logo is very bold in the ad. Consumers will know right away what this ad is advertising because the Subway logo is so well known globally. In addition, the slogan “eat fresh” is prominent and in green letters. Consumers are sure to see the slogan, which is also Subway’s unique selling proposition, because of the placement. Plus, the color green is commonly associated with nature and being fresh. Therefore, the green slogan not only advertises the freshness by the words but also by color.

Subway uses a unique selling proposition (USP) by advertising that their sandwiches are fresh. It can be inferred that competitors, like Jimmy Johns, also use fresh ingredients. However by stating that Subway is fresh, consumers are likely to be drawn toward their subs as a healthier option. A competitor, Jimmy Johns, uses the USP that they are “freaky fast”. Yet, the two sub restaurants take about the same time to make a sub. If sub lovers are in a rush, they will be likely to go to Jimmy Johns over Subway because Jimmy Johns advertises how fast they are at making subs. It can be concluded the two franchises have effective USPs depending on what consumers are looking for: fresh or fast.

This Subway ad is simple but gets the idea across that their subs are deliciously fresh. The minimal words make it easy for consumers to read and visualize the picture. Having the USP be the slogan for Subway is very smart. When consumers see/hear about Subway, they will think “eat fresh”.