Hello Hilary Speaking

Puplic relations arena

Jimmy Fallon is a late night talk show host who is well known for being funny and interviewing special guests on his show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On Wednesday, September 16th, Fallon had former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, join his show. He interviewed Clinton while pretending to be Donald Trump, who was on Fallon interviewing himself the week prior (http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/donald-trumps-phone-call-with-hillary-clinton/2907041). Clinton’s interview with Fallon will gain support for her campaign because she engaged an audience that she normally would not be able to reach.

The questions Fallon asked as Trump were well thought out and sophisticated while still gaining laughs from the audience. Hilary takes a stance on women’s issues while “Trump” responds by saying, “Look, I know a lot of women and they all have issues”. Many of the questions Fallon geared towards Clinton made her seem very smart compared to “Trump’s” uneducated answers. It is clear that this interview will benefit Hilary because is used the public relations arena to reinforce that she is a competent candidate for president.

In addition, Hilary Clinton has been criticized for being a “political robot” when she puts on her political hat. This interview shows that Clinton can be a funny, laid-back person. For example, she grabs a glass of white wine after “Trump” tells her to get a pen to take notes which shows she can be a very relaxed person. Throughout the skit Clinton is very conversational and happy. This shows the viewers that she can be an everyday person just like himself or herself. The audience of this show is mostly voting age men and women who are looking for a laugh. Clinton’s humor satisfied their need to be entertained while seeing her as a viable candidate for presidency. People who want to learn more about the presidential candidates are most likely not watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Therefore, Clinton reached a new audience that otherwise would not have been reachable. She also reaches audiences similar to The Tonight Show who were looking to be entertained when she appeared on Ellen and had an interview with Mario Lopez.

Being the second presidential candidate to have an interview with Jimmy Fallon meant Hilary Clinton had to top Donald Trump’s performance, which she accomplished. Viewers of the interview saw Hilary in a different light as a comical, light hearted candidate. Many people want a president that they can connect with. The polls will show that Hilary gave them exactly that.