#SWAP UPDATE: Those having FBC tokens on Vindax Exchange needs not to do anything regarding our swap process. But for those having FBC tokens in their private wallets should join our Telegram for instructions on how to swap their old FBC tokens to new FBC tokens. Thank you

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From now on, our new ERC20 contract address has been changed from the old ( 0xe7d269c682d4693a0fa5b1d419bc3c860890c22f ) to this NEW contract address ( 0xaC9749c854b31bBa3B3e71B30FDd7AEa4fCC0db9 ) We will have a SWAP SOON.. #FightBackCoin #Vindax http://fightbackcoin.com

We are excited to announce the Fightbackcoin (FBC) Public Sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting on August 25, 2019 13:00 UTC

* Public Sale Event

Session 1:

Session Supply: 310,000 FBC

ETH market: 155,000 FBC

BTC market: 155,000 FBC

Price: $0.8 USDT

Starting Time: 25th August, 12pm GMT

Session 2:

Session Supply: 270,000 FBC

ETH market: 135,000 FBC

BTC market: 135,000 FBC

Price: $0.9 USDT

Starting Time: 29th August, 12pm GMT

*Project Introduction

Fightbackcoin token is a utility token. We are Community Driven, Inspired and Designed. Our grand design is to add value to our token right out of the gate. We have done that. Until now there was no safe harbor in crypto. It was and still is in many factions, the Wild Wild West of profit and scammers getting away with good folks’ money, not anymore. It was vital to raise public awareness for crypto to be adopted main stream by implementing safety measures for investors. …

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