You bring up a good point Francois, which is distributing this role of coordinating, faciliating…
Francesca Pick

Hi Francesca,

I agree that some people have more ability, readiness or willingness to take on a coordinator/facilitator/leader in a given situation. May be the participants can collectively assess this?

As mentioned in my previous comment, I am wondering how “Rather than removing bosses from the workplace, I think their role needs to evolve to that of a facilitator, coordinator and leader” is in some cases actually a way to maintain existing power dynamics and privilege structures?

Reflecting on the past experiences where I was ‘boss’ or ‘leader’, I wish I would have been quicker to learn (still long ways to go!) to see how a lot of my taking charge behaviors were in fact compulsions and fears of being controlled by others. It seems to me that I had first to learn to be a good follower before hoping to integrate the contextual awareness to decide in the moment which posture is most serving with a reasonable level of discernment.



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