How to Login When You Forgot Your Facebook Password and Email Address?

Forgot Your Facebook Password

If you forgot Facebook password and have troubles to get into your email account. There are not many options of what you can do.

If you connected your account with you phone number, you could try to get access using this option.

The second way is through security questions, which will appear after pressing “ I forgot my password” and “No longer have access to these?” (among email addresses).

And the last one is through your trusted contacts (only if you have set up them earlier). Trusted contacts can send you one-time links to access your page, after what you can change your settings.

The information how to create trusted contacts in Facebook, you can find here: What are trusted contacts? How do I add trusted contacts to my account?

How to get access through security questions, you can find here: I can’t reset my password because I can’t access the email address listed on my account.