Is fear something that we should really get away from?

I mean, who in their right mind would really go face their fears everytime they present themselves in our life?

I can give you an answer about this problem, and it is very simple:

True fearless and successful people!

Every successful people knows in their gut that where lies a fear that haunts them, then there is also an important message that life is trying to teach them.

Fear is one of the most important emotions because it really is more than an emotion.

Fear is the messenger of the thing you truly need to face and embrace within yourself and with all life around you.

I have come to understand this in my experience the hard way. Since i was a little boy i always tried to escape uncomfortable fearful situations, because in my mind fear was just there to make my life harder and scarier. There was nothing truly positive in the atitude of facing my deepest darkest monsters.

That was until i started to realize that the more i ran away in my personal life from fear the bigger it got and created unneccessary problematic situations that i could have solved in the very beginning of the problem.

Maybe fear is the true basis of procrastination, have you ever considered that thought?

No one had really taught me this lesson, and i had to learn from myself that fear is not only a messenger.

Fear is a very, very stubborn messenger and he will knock in your door until he enters, even if he has to break it to make you hear what it has to say!

And you know what?

That is very good indeed!

I have come to realize that we are not on this planet to live comfortably and safe, we are here to live dangerously to our limit, to express and give everything that resides inside US that wants to live, before we die.

You will not get out of this life safe, because death is certain! Better to live fully than to try to find security in a world where there is none!

However i must warn you so that you don’t think i am selling to you sweets that are really sour:

Facing your fears will not give you a life of stability!

Oh no, living yourself to the limit will be very stressful, uncomfortable and will put in situations you never imagined.

But in the end, you will be a new man, a superior fulfilled man with the joy that you gave everything inside yourself, kissing both life and death passionately.

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