I’ve missed something
Guilherme Palhares

Palhares, It’s kind of weird feeling this way, but I have to confess we are on the same tuning. When everything seems to be exactly where you aspired to be in some moment in the past, however you feel something is missing. I ask myself “Is the connection off?” “Why am I keeping up with that lifestyle?” “What’s the future if I keep doing that? More connection and satisfaction with myself or unavoidably being a prisoner of my own expectations? Haha I don’t know the answers, but it’s at least relieving know that we are not alone in this path. I hope we find the right opportunities to unleash what is inside us and establish something meaningful everyday, everytime. To the best of my knowledge, less than that wouldn’t be enough to our hungry souls hahaha.

Stay hungry, stay foolish a friend of us would say haha.