Still your little girl.

Been staring on this page too long, accompanied with a still-swollen eyes. Typing and deleting words, because I don’t know how to interpret this feeling. I always found that writing would help me, to digest my thought and finally be calm to whatever it is that lingering on my mind, and heart.

But not today, not on this matter, I know neither the right ways to explain it nor how to react. Yesterday, I heard the most heartbreaking story from two people whom I got the thought of ‘no matter how hard it is, when you love someone you would never give up on him/her, you would stand by his/her side forever and ever’ from. I am mad, but compassionate enough to think about your feeling, what you must have endured. I wanna be selfish but I want you to be happy.

But before everything that might happen, please remember me, your forever little girl.

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