Franjapan 🇯🇵 Day 12: Steps, steps and more steps. . .

Today was a late start for us, Steph refused to wake up, I tried and then felt bad so left her to snooze. Good news is snore face has left, I managed to sleep through his noise last night but there were many grumpy faces when I woke up this morning. After a quick lunch we headed to Fushimi-Inari on the Keihan Electric Railway line (yay!).

Fushimi Inari-Taisha is home to the endless vermillion torii, the big red shrine gates that appear in every travel article about Japan.

The area is surrounded by dense woodland and is made up of 5 big temples, hundreds of little ones and a 4km hike up thousands of steps to get to the summit of the mountain, Mt. Inari. Inari is the god of cereals and is surrounded by white foxes who were considered his messenger and are also referred to as Inari. The foxes are considered sacred by the Japanese who believe they are capable of possessing humans, they’re favourite method of entry is under fingernails. We happily reached the top, although I’m not sure our quads and calves will be happy tomorrow morning.

On the way back down we stopped for some freshly grilled and glazed rice flour balls. They’re so good and a autumn favourite in Kyoto.

After our snack and a look around the little shops we headed back for a shower and change of clothes. Then dinner, we decided half way up the mountain that we desperately needed vegetables so ate at the same place we did last night, very good idea!

Now its time for a post dinner wander and then sleep! 💖🇯🇵😴

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