Franjapan 🇯🇵 Day 16: Tokyo Geek-Out

We awoke to a grey and rainy Shinjuku, went upstairs for some breakfast and decided whilst eating rice and drinking miso that we should shop today so that we didn’t get too wet! Brilliant idea!

So off we went, first we headed to Toshima, home of the Tokyo Pokémon Mega Store, Sega, Miffy, Studio Ghibli and other awesome shops.

We of course did a lot of walking and on our way to Shibuya, a lovely shopping district, we passed some art work and a happy police box – the building has an owl face. It’s good to know that some countries still fully encourage their citizens to report crime, unlike Britain where it is basically a pain in the bum so people often don’t bother.

Once in Shibuya we headed to the New Balance store, trainers were bought, and then down to Kiddy Land, my my what a place, Hamley’s but a 1000 times cuter! #kawaii Made even cuter by the fact that Christmas has basically started in Japan! So pretty!

After many many hours of shopping and laden with many shopping bags we headed back to the hotel, too tired to go out and find food we popped to the shop to get a picnic. The pre-prepped food here is amazing, so much better than at home and it actually tastes like good food!

Tomorrow we’re off to the Tokyo International Forum for a look around the antiques fair and then back to the Tokyo Dome to pick up a few things we left behind. 😊🇯🇵😴

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