Franjapan 🇯🇵 Day 2.1: After Nap/Before Bed Update

3hr nap was much needed, just long enough for a 50% rejuvenation which means we’re still knackered for bed. Finally got Steph out of bed after several “just 5 more minutes” requests.

Finally out of the room we head to Tokyo Dome City, for food and a look round. I’ve always loved cities at night, the lights make them magical, Tokyo doesn’t disappoint. The Dome is covered in different coloured lights and baseball paraphernalia, there was a concert on at the stadium tonight so fans were out in full force. We walk up the gangway towards the Dome City complex and the first thing I notice, being the complete child that I am, is a rollercoaster and a giant statue of Ultraman! Manga hero craving immediately dealt with!

Looking for food we stumbled upon a Moomin Bakery & Cafe! My inner child is going crazy! If you eat there alone they bring you a giant Moomin character to keep you company while you eat. Super cute!

After a 20 minute deliberation we ended up at a Chinese restaurant. I know, I know, I travelled all this way and my first meal is a Japanese take on Chinese. I can’t help it, I really wanted rice and meat, Steph wanted dumplings/gyoza. The chahan was amazing!

With all the blood from our tired bodies heading to our stomachs we left the restaurant and wondered round the slowly closing shops. Dangerous, very dangerous! My addiction to stationary is encouraged here and I will be returning to England after 3 weeks with many new and seriously cute items! Mine and Steph’s Christmas shopping will be more or less complete as well!

11:10pm ‘Tis time to sleep! Busy day tomorrow! The Imperial Palace, the Waterways Museum and the Science Museum are on the agenda! Oh and some proper handmade buckwheat ramen! #yum ^_*