CoSN17 Conference (morning-day 2)

The Conference has begun in earnest today with attendees arriving in droves. There are a lot of smaller breakout sessions and fewer large sessions to accommodate the interests of the group. There are a lot of interesting stories being told at #CoSN17 this year and here’s our selected snapshots for you.

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Day 1

Story 1
Symposium on Global Competencies

Day 2

Story 1 
Improving Student Learning Outcomes Through the Use of Research and Analysis

Story 2
Silicon Valley Secrets: What School Leaders Need To Know about Technology

Story 3
Changing Education from the Inside Out, The Singapore American Story

Story 4
Losing your data center: Lessons learned from Business Continuity Planning

Story 5
Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat: Personalised Learning Through Student-Owned Data

Story 6
New Nordic? Driving 21CLD between future and tradition in the Danish sector of education

Story 7
Return on Instruction: How to Determine Gains in Student Performance Resulting from Effective Technology Investment

Day 3

Story 1
Online Assessment: Transforming Practice

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