Improving Student Learning Outcomes Through the Use of Research and Analysis (#CoSN17)

This presentation was given by Doug Renfro from Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to demonstrate how they are leveraging an open-source, research-based framework called “CASE — Classroom, Access, Skills, and Environment.”

Using CASE helps leaders link technology use to student learning outcomes. Doug discussed the challenge that school leaders face today in moving from simply “digitising 20th century practice” towards embracing entirely new learning outcomes only possible through the thoughtful integration of technology.

They covered how MNPS is empowering their schools through illuminating gains and areas of opportunity, targeting CPD for teachers and staff, evaluating programmes that are having the most and least impact on student learning, and ensuring that all areas are focused on 21st Century Learners and Teachers relative to the 4Cs of Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration.

Mark McKinney from Bright Bytes
(the company that gathers and displays the data) explained how they set out to get info from all their stakeholders (Principals, Admin, Teachers, Students and Parents, although they are still chasing parents for contributions). A lot of effort was put into pushing the surveys out to all for completion and getting the data back.

They gather and look at the data based on frequency, availability, reception and use this as research to reference in next steps

When it comes to assessing the research information gathered, Mark summed it up very nicely by quoting his dad:
“You don’t know how you look until you get your picture took”

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