Silicon Valley Secrets: What School Leaders Need To Know about Technology (CoSN17)

Ms. Betsy Corcoran, EdSurge, cofounder and CEO, former technology editor for Forbes, The Washington Post, and Scientific American presented her take on what school leaders can learn from Silicon Valley’s approach to technology.

Betsy used a great quote, which sums up the difference between entrepreneurs and educators.

“Entrepreneurs look to a time later down the road, but educators look to the here and now”

Implementing new education technologies can be done well or it can be a painful experience for all stakeholders with a marginal impact on outcomes. Betsy presented on the insights and analysis from her five years of reporting and research her team has done on what educators need to know about technology before embarking on this path and what works or wastes time in edtech implementations.

She examined this process from consensus building through evaluation to professional learning support and offered insights from survey research, dozens of focus groups across the country, and the extensive reporting done by the EdSurge editorial team.

Betsy looked at tech implementation through the use of the anacronym RSVP.

R = Ramps — tech needs “on-ramps” — people need to be able to access it.

S = Splinters — Tech is a splinter that can change practice. Possible to use the SAMR model ( where we can really change, or splinter our directions of tech use, and so benefit from using tech. Suddenly tech supports our broader goals. Technology is the splinter.

V = Variation. Intel drones at the super bowl but in the beginning, Intel was all about making memory chips.

P = Personal — adaptive learning approaches, using tech can personalise learning for each student.

Gartner Hype Cycle

Betsy ended her presentation reminding everyone that the thing about an RSVP is that you also have to show up to take part.