10 Facebook Safety and Security Tips

10 Facebook Safety and Security Tips


As Facebook has more than 250 million users across the world and several new users getting registered with every passing day, each of them have an average of 200 friends in their account along with following each and every activitiy of their friends. With several activities such as updates being made on the timeline and photos being uploaded alongside with the sole purpose to share it with friends .

The applications like games and quizzes are used by many of the users on Facebook while travelling or during leisure time. On the sad note, the users who share personal information on Facebook are not aware of its consequences. It’s not their mistake as well as they are not able to take proper guidance from qualified experts with no Facebook technical support number +1–844–773–9312 available on the web.

For the convenience, here are the 10 safety and security tips that need to be implied in the Facebook account to prevent it from malicious activities

1. Organize Friends in Lists

You might be thinking how to organize and manage the friends list of your Facebook account. The friend request from a boss or from your in-laws or from friends of friend, generally force you to think twice before accepting it. Though, you have no option than to accept it. All you can do is to create links that can make your friends organized in lists. Your friends cannot see it, but you can name them whatever you like and block/allow them from viewing any of your updates.

2. Customize Profile Privacy

Click Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile. Select which parts of your profile will be seen by whom. If you choose Customize in the drop down, you can be more specific. This is where the Friend Lists you created before become really useful.

It’s up to you; who can view your complete Facebook profile or a part of it . Just navigate your mouse to the gear icon and click on it. The settings option appears in the drop down menu. Click on Settings >>Privacy Settings>> Profile and choose the option customize seen on the page. This how the importance of creating Friend list come on the screen.

3. Set Facebook Privacy Level of Photo Albums

On the Photos tab of your profile page, click Album Privacy. Here again, you can use your Friend Lists to set the privacy for each photo album. Upon clicking the photos tab on the profile page, navigate to the album privacy option and set the privacy of each photo album by using the friend list option.

4. Restrict Search Visibility

You can also set your visibility if any any of the unknown person is intending to search your profile for sending friends request. This is one of the important ways to safeguard the Facebook privacy. You can now decide what should be visible on the search results when anyone looks for your profile.

5. Manage the wall posts and News feed update

Your actions in Facebook such as comments, likes, appear as highlights on ALL your friends’ home pages. You cannot use friend lists here, only turn them on or off. In order to turn off the notifications to be displayed on the other home page of friends added in your account, just go to

Privacy> News feed and wall and

choose the option whether you want you known ones to get aware that you are in a relationship with someone or not.

6. Set Facebook Wall Privacy :

You can manually set Facebook wall privacy by going to the profile page and clicking Options and then settings under the status box. Here, you can control whether or not your friends can see or create posts on your wall. Just go to the Facebook profile page and click options, and then settings under the status box and make changes in Facebook wall privacy.

7. Inhibit Facebook profile from appearing in advertisements

Facebook shows two types of advertisements on its social media portal, which are third party advertisements and Facebook ads. The former is not allowed anymore to use the profile pictures and personal details of users, but in case it is allowed in future, there are steps to prevent your Facebook account from appearing in advertisements

Privacy > News Feed and Wall > Facebook Ads >Turn off

8. Prevent your Facebook account from third party applications used by Friends

It is quite important to protect your FB account from friends application. Go to Privacy and then to applications for making modifications in the settings by clicking on the tab to uncheck all the boxes. Doing this, you can stop the applications installed on the friends FB account to gather information about your profile. Though these are set to visible by default, but you can make it private by implementing following steps

Privacy > Applications, and click the Settings tab and remove check from all the boxes that prevents access of religious, personal, and political preferences, pictures, videos from getting disclosed to the public across the globe.

9. Privacy from Your Applications

Though, there is no way for you to control the access of third-party applications added in your Facebook account, but you can restrict the access just by going to the Settings > Application settings just by clicking on the menu options seen upon clicking the gear icon from the top menu.

10. Quitting Facebook? Delete, Don’t Just De-Activate Your Account

Deleting the Facebook account is the last method to keep your private details safe from getting revealed worldwide. The deactivating of Facebook account does nothing in this case as all the private information of yours are stored within the Facebook which can be transferred to third party advertisers without taking your consent. Quitting Facebook is one last effective method can prevent you from such misdeeds.

These tips can be quite useful and easy to implement when it comes to keeping the facebook account safe and secure from malicious deeds attempted by scammers. In case, you face troubles implementing any of the tips, just access Facebook Help Center and get the issues fixed by creating a ticket online or by giving a call at Facebook customer service number +1–844–773–9312 if available on the web.