Falling Is The Answer To Everything

Have you ever felt like you were lost somehow? Have you ever laid in bed at night wondering why you weren’t farther ahead, or richer, or happier, or in love, or out of a bad situation? Haven’t we all? Have you ever wondered how you got… here?

Somehow the world has taught us that success is a thing, a place, a certain possession, or a title. It’s a degree or a job or a certain amount in your bank account. It’s a purse or the new J’s or a car. People are so unhappy because they think that everyone else has figured it out. “Look how shiny and happy they are… while I just can’t figure out what to do next.” (depressed emoji)

The fact is, most people are lying. They’re telling you they don’t care, when they’re really just scared to say they don’t know what the heck they’re doing! And they don’t know, because school told us to sit down and be quiet and do our work. But, it didn’t tell us to run around and break things and discover who you are and yell, so you can learn to identify yourself in a world full of noise and wonder.

Our parents told us to just go to school and they would teach us all the important stuff there, because our parents are just hoping — like everyone else — that we’ll just… figure it out. They just hope we’ll show up at Thanksgiving in a few years with a salary and a spouse and some grandkids, and they can breathe a sigh of relief. They just want to know that we’re ok. How many of you feel “Ok.” Just. OK.

Most of us are just afraid we’ll never be anything significant, when the fact is you already are. You just have to be yourself and your significance will show up. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody knows all the answers. Share the ones you’ve found and ask the questions to learn what you haven’t.

Life is short… and yet, it’s so long. There’s so much time to figure it out, and yet, nobody ever does. That’s the beauty of it. That’s the adventure. That’s the challenge. You learn to walk when you’re a year old, yet we spend the rest of our lives falling, and tripping, and running. Every day it’s something different. Isn’t that great???

Why spend life wishing that you had it all locked down, so that everything would be safe, and predictable and the same? Don’t wish that life was better. Wish that you were better! Then get a little better every day. Cause that’s all that life is. Learning to walk. Then falling down, and getting up.

Just keep getting up!

Ever. Forward.


Fredrick MacArthur Bussey

Written by

Husband, Father, Communicator. Founder/Creative Director of IconStatus, a Marketing & PR Consultancy. I broker meaning. IG @icon.status/Twitter @TheIconStatus

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