Managing Park Signs and Rules

Getting Started

The first thing I had to do was to go over the existing documentation, review the current PRD and run a number of stakeholder interviews (Including the project managers, engineers and the client) to understand basic things such as the audience we were designing for, the tasks we aimed at improving, what they assumed the system should do and more.

Moving Forward

The clock was ticking. Next up was starting to visualize how we’d execute on some of the required stories using wireframes. We started off with the most basic flows — such as managing projects, organizations and authentication — and gradually progressed towards the more complicated tasks, such as creating signs, interpreting data or viewing zone schedules.

Authentication and User Management
Managing Zones and Individual Signs and Datapoints
Viewing Zone Schedules, Zoomed Out Maps and Individual Signs

Can you make it pop?

Was one of the things never said in this project. Thankfully. I kinda miss the old days when that used to come up more often.

Authentication, Map and Profile
Viewing a Datapoint
Zoomed Out Map, Schedule, Datapoint
Creating a New Datapoint
Project Management, Map Settings and Incomplete Zones

Wrapping Up

We made it. We were confident the end result did an excellent job addressing the initial user needs and business requirements, the engineers were on-board with the scope designed, and we managed to get it done within the original deadline, even considering I took over after the project had already started.



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Fabio Muniz

Fabio Muniz

Product designer. Previous clients include Google, NBCU, Mann+Hummel, Viacom, and venture-backed startups like Toptal (a16z) and Shogun (YC).