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What is the best way to start a project? I guess there are a lot of different answers to this question. It may depend on a lot of things like the brand, the project type, the client, the budget, etc.

Some time ago I came across this book Branding: In Five and a Half Steps by Michael Johnson and, as I expected (we are talking about Michael Johnson after all), the book was great. But it was by the time I started to put Michael’s tips in practice that the book actually made a huge impact on my work.


We are part of a growing universe called Subvisual, a new ventures company. Subvisual is not like other companies thanks to its hands-on approach. There’s space to learn even about the hidden skills and knowledge that people have but don’t show every day.

Here you find people from totally different areas at the office and anyone can have the right answer to a problem.

How did we get here?

I joined Subvisual as a Designer in 2015. Little by little, communication and branding projects started to appear, and I began to work on them. I saw these projects as an opportunity. I wanted to get…

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First published on Subvisual’s blog. This blog post was born out of my necessity to find a structure in which I could rely on when designing any kind of web project.

0. Random

Before I started this research, my structure was very naive. When I came across a new project, my first move was to start drawing boxes and text blocks with randomly selected typefaces and margins. Not completely random of course, but with no serious thought behind it. If I needed a margin, I would start with 20px, and whenever I needed a bigger one I would double that value, so…

The new edition of Creators School had unprecedented ambitions which required a profound rebrand. Before I get into details about the rebrand, let me introduce you briefly to the project.

Creators School takes people with very rudimentar knowledge of programming and turns them into hired Junior Developers in just 9 weeks. It’s almost common sense now that coding is the language of the future and that there are endless possibilities for one who ‘speaks’ it. There is, however, a stigma associated to it, that we want to vanquish: the misconception that it is for ‘nerds’ or a ‘boys thing’. …

Designers are responsible for a load of tasks during a project and most of the times they juggle several projects at the same time. I struggled with this at first, but with a note here and there, I was able to get things done with only minor flaws once in awhile.

But as you know, minor flaws are almost never minor. The snowball starts rolling and, suddenly, you have a major problem to solve. You let your team down because you make them wait and the project you are working on gets compromised. Not cool, right?

I’m going to share…

Francisco Baila

Working to turn technology into a friend.

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