Apple Music Hidden Cache

I have been using Apple Music since it was launched and since then I have noticed that my file storage has been whittled down and was never able to find out why.

I have always had my suspicions about Apple Music but I never had any proof. But I decided to access my settings > music, then I disabled iCloud Music Library for a few moments and then re-enabled and checked my storage and I had almost 2.5gb back on my device with the added bonus that my saved (not downloaded music) was still available. That is when I confirmed that Apple Music has a secret cache that is not visible on the device nor in iTunes.

The secret is to disable the iCloud Music Library to empty the Apple Music cache.

It was an interesting discovery so I decided to search the web for information related and to my surprise there wasn’t a lot regarding this issue.

Apple Music doesn’t list anywhere that cache is being saved and when I checked in storage it would list its usage as 0 MB, unlike all other apps I have installed that do show in «Documents and Data».

Please let me know if you knew about this and if so, how did you discover it?

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