Business Models for Teams

Over the last years the ‘Business Model Canvas’ proved to be a great tool for organisations to be realistic about their present business concepts, but also to create insights on where they could be going.

An extension of this model was the ‘Value Proposition Canvas’ as it covered in detail the pain and gain points, and how-to-make-the-job-easier for clients and potential clients, allowing a proper match of products and services, and by doing so re-inforcing the enterprise business model.

These enterprise models worked fine but did overlook the team and individual level. To actually make a nice alignment possible, between the enterprise business model and those working in these organizations, these two additional levels of insights are needed and very crucial to make any organisation move forward.

Over the last couple of years, both Tim Clark and Bruce Hazen, managed to close that gap between enterprise, teams and individuals, through two publications.

Their publication of ‘Business Model You’ in 2012 (by Tim Clark, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur) covers the individual level nicely, as it models the personal needs-and-wants of those creating and co-creating their own life and business.

Their new publication ‘Business Models for Teams’ aims at the team level itself, allowing insights in how your organisation really works and how each person fits in.

For myself, it’s been a blast to contribute to this book. It started with a small group in Amsterdam in November 2015, growing to a group of 225 professionals around the globe. All contributed to the co-creating, writing, editing and production of Business Models for Teams. The book is released in July 2017 by Portfolio/Penguin, the business books section of Random House, the world’s largest publisher.

A pre-view sample of this new publication is available for free at

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