“Ethical Fading:” Who came up with that?

In the study:” Lying to ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession,” It is reported that “ethical fading” is the reason for this. Ethical fading? What next?
Ethical fading is defined in this study as: “Ethical fading occurs when the moral aspects of an ethical decision are overlooked. Ethical fading allows us to convince ourselves that considerations of right and wrong are not applicable to decisions that in any other circumstances would be ethical dilemmas.”
This sounds like a “whitewashing” of a serious problem. “when moral aspects of an ethical decision are OVERLOOKED.” Overlooked is a conscious act, a deliberate decision NOT to make a genuinely moral decision. It is intentional, not a” fading,” or a “lapse,” but a choice made by not taking into consideration necessary to make the best possible decision!
I weary of how some entities, “play down,”with the use of language, the seriousness of the ethical decision-making process in conjunction with one being personally accountable. There are no excuses so this type of explanation why there is lying in the Army or anywhere else for that matter.
Let’s not think of catchy catch phrases that can give the impression that this is not a serious issue and then offer excuses for the decision! Every decision is important, serious and has consequences. 
Go slow, choose well and never minimize the process and responsibility of correct ethical decision making.

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