How can you improve your ethics training in 2017?
Here’s a checklist to help you evaluate how your ethics training is going so far this year to help you evaluate your ethics training for the rest of 2017. I ask these questions, in particular, when evaluating the how I might be able help an organization.
Consider these ten questions as part of your regular ethics training evaluation. 
1. Is there ethics training for employees on all levels?
2. How is the process of thinking ethically being implemented?
3. How does your organization consistently communicate its commitment to ethics to its employees?
4. What are your evaluation standards to discern your ethics training effectiveness?
5. Are the differences and likenesses between compliance training and ethics training clearly delineated and understood?
6. Is the approach to ethics training one of continual analysis, updating, and pertinent to the workplace?
7. Are employees encouraged to question authority when asked to do something they consider wrong?
8. Is your ethics hotline work, i.e. do people use it? Is it an internal hotline or a contracted out hotline?
9. How is unethical behavior handled? Immediate? If not, why not?
10. How is ethical behavior rewarded? If not, why not?
As you ponder your answers to these and other questions that may arise, which ones do you think people “choke on?’ What are your ethics training opportunities that you should be thinking about implementing? When?

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