It’s about what you do with the money.

I’ve been struggling to understand my stance on the whole “Non-Fungible-Token” craze and I’m happy to have reached an explanation that I find sufficient.

In short, the bulk of the solution of the ethical and moral puzzle to ICOs and NFTs, is…

Your Bitcoin replacement is here

GoodDollar is a fixed-supply token (2,200,000,000,000.00 tokens maximum) that is built to provide a “digital Universal Basic Income” to everyone on Earth.

It utilizes the endowment model, i.e., the idea is to build giant, on-chain, decentralized money (e.g. DeFi) funds that accrue interest. …

The zero chill approach to implementing a global UBI system right now

  1. Opening Ramble

The Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement is a diverse one. There are many competing popular, technical, and scientific definitions of UBI, and most of them are bad.

Marcus Brancaglione, a pioneer UBI scientist and practitioner, has…

Or, a quick exploration of what anarchism is

When you hear the word “anarchy”, you probably picture a police car on fire, or smashed bank windows, or something like that. You probably associate “anarchy” with “chaos”, that is, a lack of organization.

That is all propaganda that’s been pushed into…

It’s happening, and it’s not going to come for free

There are areas of growth that are hidden by comfort zones, by self-assumptions that we wouldn’t usually be getting out of without a little help from reality.

The same thing is happening to the world, to our human society. It…

Umair, let's redefine money. From the ground up, the very concept.

Humans are not actually "conscious". That would require us to perfectly critique every idea as it arrives for recording and integration in our minds.

Intelligence is an illusion: just another unintelligent story we tell ourselves; a meta-story that allows us to drown even deeper into bad ideas while signifying them…

Its design, and a rationale for that design

Crypto UBI

Crypto UBI is the application of blockchain technology to implement Universal Basic Income (UBI) systems through cryptocurrencies.

An example of a great Crypto UBI system is GoodDollar, which is originally and presently backed by eToro. GoodDollar grants an income of G$, which…

How Cartesi’s Descartes SDK came to be, and where to go from here

Cartesi’s Descartes SDK, just launched, is the first software development kit for DApps that exposes Cartesi’s core technology through a programming interface that DApp developers will find easy to use. …

Completely wrapping, hiding, and re-exporting the Ethereum engine

The Ethereum network will never have governance to even solve the most basic user needs, such as e.g. retrieving a user’s funds which have been misdirected to an invalid address. Not even completely decentralized and automatic governance.

Also, Ethereum will, soon enough…

Fabiana Cecin

Why is not absolutely everybody talking about Basic Income?

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