A movement of economic sharing practice

That’s what I want.

I want as many people as possible to get a little digital money every day.

I want it to happen through a crypto-currency system.

I want it to run my specific economy model: one new crypto-coin per person per day, and that’s it.

I want good human ID support that de-duplicates and that can reach anyone with the help of volunteers/NGOs. I want the ID to be reliable and the effort to spam fake accounts to be not worth it.

I want that crypto-currency to be able to serve as major UBI currency someday. The infrastructure, the game, is launched pretty much in its final form. The economic model is final and the crypto tech is final. The only thing remaining then is use and valuation, which is left for society to decide, as well as working on adoption and operating and refining the ID tech.

That’s democratic money: you don’t know what it is worth to others, but you can determine what it is worth to yourself. You can help build its value, and by doing so you are giving money to everyone, democratically. The only thing certain is that the new “coin” will be there, every day, for every person.

There needs to be a professional support for human ID, and for reaching people who don’t have computers. That reach will grow over time as there are resources and knowledge to do so.

We need a non-profit corporation to implement that. We need capital and we need to be a certain number of people working on it. The professional corporation solves global ID by going out and actually “identifying” people, whatever that is supposed to mean in any given context. Whatever is required to get the most people assigned the right to enjoy whatever market value their daily “coin” represents, and perhaps even gain direct access to it, to actually control it and move it around on the Internet.

Nobody is doing this. If there was anyone doing exactly this, I would work for them. Since there isn’t and there probably won’t, I will have to build this myself.