Thou shall not know thyself
Andrei Draganescu

Atheism is nonsense because (or is nonsense when) it absolutely negates the “man sitting in a throne in the sky” story (or whatever cosmological assumption the throne-figure would stand for as a metaphor, which seems would still result in an equivalent amount of moronic mass.) How can one say such a thing? It suffices to say that it’s pretty unlikely, and probe into what would make people insist it’s the State all the way down.

Going out of your way to negate the last shred of possibility that idiocy may be actually true really shows one is afraid that it might be true and can’t stand the vanishing amount of possibility that leads to it. Reacting, fighting a shadow, making it real, helping animate the sock puppet from the outside. The unproven conviction that “There is no <whatever>” is its own religion, may throws one into other religious stupid stuff like scientism, etc.

Gregory Bateson’s father gave his son a christian bible, so he wouldn’t grow “an empty-headed atheist.” Why not? Why be afraid of it? It’s just random crap in a book that’s essentially a thousand year old patchwork of philosophy and moralizing. It can give insights on people, history, society, if you don’t make the mistake of running it bare-metal on your brain.

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