Basic Income’s physical referent

Planet Earth is an open system and it is powered by the Sun.

It amazes me that this needs to be said. But it needs to be said.

Where does the money for Universal Basic Income come from? Or better, where do the physical resources that are represented by the UBI money budget come from?

Is there “enough”?

Yes there is, because Earth is fully “bankrolled.” Earth is fully “financed” by the Sun.

The Sun physically “pays” for everything — it is the Sun that allows all Life on Earth to exist.

All life in the known universe is powered by the energy of burning stars.

The Sun is our “central bank” and it will be many millions of years before it runs out of “money” to give to us. We still have many millions of years of solar income.

Earth is, physically and demonstrably, analogous to a Socialist social system.

The premises of Capitalism and of Neoliberalism are physically false.

The source of “economic” value, of “stuff,” of “physical resources” is not, ultimately, “labor” or “property” or “capitalism.” The entirety of life, of all resources on Earth, is a continuous gift in the form of sunshine.

“Money” literally grows on trees. And our trees grow from sunshine.

We grow from sunshine.

If humans as a species are going to appropriate a sizable portion of that sunshine for themselves, then at least they have the social obligation to share that sunshine equally among themselves.

Every human being is entitled a share of that sunshine, and a share of what natural systems do to that sunshine — the natural “means of production,” our natural environment; Our forests, our oceans, our air, our biodiversity.

Any economic theory that does not take that into account is false. Any economy model or discipline that obscures that original abundance and that original obligation to share, replacing it with a fog of scarcities, is false.

Now you know.

If someone still insists that “there is not enough money” for a world that takes care of all, they can no longer claim ignorance. They are just afraid. They have a phobia of a just, peaceful world. They are “religious” fanatics, trapped into a virtual world, a cultural story of Capitalism and of Neoliberalism.

If you want to be an effective UBI advocate, you have to know that, when arguing with Capitalists, Neoliberals and other sorts of “Market” zealots, you are arguing with religious fanatics that are deeply asleep into an unscientific illusion that they mistake for reality.

You must know that you know better. Only then you will be able to properly dismiss and begin to effectively route around the hegemonic madness that has taken hold of this world.